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16.08.2014 | Lemonita


As most of you probably have noticed, there are a few new servers added to our network! 


Our server-to-do list: 

  1. Creative
  2. Survival 
  3. PvP
  4. Spleef  
  5. Skyblock
  6. Survival Games
  7. Mario Kart 
  8. Prop Hunt
  9. Quake  
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???


As you might have seen we have three spots left in the lobby about which we still have to find a game for. We therefore also ask you to get ideas for these 3 spots! Post them in this topic and we will try to make it happen.


The new servers might also have a few bugs that we would like to know. We ask you to post this in this topic, so we can go and fix it.


The donation system is going to change soon! 
The donations will go through another system soon. You can't buy any ranks anymore! We will switch to so called "Perks" separated permissions associated with your account permanently. 


The Perks you can buy separate things out of your rank, such as the prefix function, or plot ammounts. The ranks that you currently have will go away, and the donation you have done can be ported to perks, so you will keep your benefits. 


More information will come later!


Greetings from the Staff Team! =)